Bruce out? Howe about a change?

A few new signings of decent quality and a win on the opening day perhaps lured is in to false sense of security that this season was going to be better than the last, because let’s be honest with ourselves we were pretty dismal for huge spells of last season with more than our fair share of luck in games like Chelsea & Southampton come to mind. We were also heavily reliant on the brilliance of both Martin Dubravka & the trickery of ASM to give us any chance of winning a game. The season ended and we finished 13th despite all of this but change was needed, change in the squad for sure & many would agree an improvement in the dugout to give us more than the bacon loving Brucey was providing. The rumoured takeover had us all dreaming of either a Poch siege on the top 4 or the return of Rafa taking off those glasses and pocketing them… Well we all know what happened after that or didn’t happen as the case may be.


So after being deflated worse than a tyre with a nail in it we moved towards next season with low expectations but we’re pleasantly surprised when Nufc actually did some very business in the transfer market adding quality with PL experience to boot! Perhaps things had changed? Follow that by a convincing win & the new boys notching again had us believing we could have more but today’s defeat to Brighton & the nature of it even more than the result was a stark reminder that despite adding an England striker flying wingers & promising young Left backs one very poor part of the club still remains… The manager! This is the same guy we didn’t want the same guy who’s pretty much taken every club he’s been at backwards after a little blip of something enjoyable and now it’s our turn.

Let’s look at the facts… He’s only won 16 out of 48 of his games as Nufc manager & 9 of those were against opposition from lower leagues. His tactical niavity is clear to see the moment he comes up against any innovative forward thinking coach in the league. He’s taken certain players backwards (Sean Longstaff comes to mind) and most of the time he’s reverted to hoof ball to “Big Andy” like it’s 1994. Is this the guy to get the best out of this side? Now we’ve added some players to the squad with better technical abilities surely it’s time to send this dinosaur back to Jurassic Park & freshen things up? So who’s available to do that? Who’s the best we could get realistically? Step forward Eddie Howe! Now some would say “He’s just took a team down!” yes your right but so did Rafa Benitez & he wasn’t bad was he? Howe not so long ago was linked to Arsenal & even England! Has Bruce ever been close to that kind of level? There was a reason for that! Howes team played with intensity & attacking prowess that Steve Bruce couldn’t even spell let alone try to get out of a side. The main thing Howe. Did wrong was stuck around too long he grew stale at Bournemouth.


Now with the run of extremely difficult fixtures we have in front of us what do we do as a club? Do we stick with this one dimensional dinosaur? Or do we make a change before it’s too late? Let’s be honest! We’ve signed half of his old squad so Howe would be able to slot in perfectly and I believe would be reenergised by the challenge of managing a bigger club.

Does anybody still have any faith in good old Brucey? Except his pals in the media? Let’s wait and see


By Chris Currie