We have a brand new issue of true faith out today.

There  is 82 pages of fan written content on Newcastle United and the game we all lob.

Remember hearing about a woman in Saudi Arabia who changed the law to get to go to a game of footy? We’ve an interview with her. It makes Southampton at home seem a bit less important. We’ve also interviews with an Indian mag, a local band and much more.

The popular regular features are back which include the A to Z, 60 second season, The End, Postcards from the Edge.

There’s stuff on Ashley (Mike, that is), Arsenal 4 4, Italian footy, interviews with a band who happen to be mags, punditry, laughing at mackems and loads more. Please do us a favour and ask a mate to read it. Or share one of the tweets advertising it on social media. I know we ask a lot of you, but help us spread the word.

Just click the link below – the Fanzine is FREE of charge for all.