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Hello everyone, I must confess that I am totally new to this blogging malarkey, in fact if the

WesSextontruth be known I’m a bit of a luddite and have a fear of anything tech based…..or basically modern in any way. But in anticipation of another torturous 9 months from the Barrack Road theatre of nightmares and slapstick, I decided I had to do something to take my mind off it and inject some positivity into my life. So I decided to answer the Ed’s call to write about one of the regional capital’s other sports teams. So over the next few months I hope to bring you updates on our Basketball team the Eagles, I’m anticipating a rather more enjoyable time than watching United of late; that being as The Eagles have a manager who knows what he’s doing and a team that tends to kick arse and win everything in sight. Maybe that should be ‘kick ASS’, as most of The Eagles are more familiar with Noo Yawk than Noocastle.


So, a little about me, well…just like all of you I’m currently serving a life sentence of supporting this region’s greatest cultural asset Newcastle United. I’ve tried escaping, doesn’t fucking work so forget trying it for yourself, honestly I’ve tried getting into sports like cricket and rugby, but Newcastle United FC like a stern prison guard would always catch me at the door and drag me back to serve my time.


There is a place in my heart for basketball though, I got into it in my teens, being a tall kid it was the only sport I could play at school where I didn’t look a complete dweeb, then obviously I started watching the American teams on S** Sports, some of their players are fantastic to watch, but I have to say I don’t like the razzmatazz, the glitz and the wooping, I never thought it sat well with basketball, maybe because its Canadian and not American in origin. The sport in Britain is on a much smaller scale but I think that gives it space to grow, not that it has no wooping, it sure does.


As I’ve mentioned the NBA players are real quality, whereas The Eagles and most of the Eagles1other British teams have players turning out who have played in such basketball hotbeds as Slovakia, Serbia and Greece, but they’re honest pros who obviously love their sport (remember what that was like) and will travel great distances to showcase it, and that alone makes them worthy of a gander.


So, I hope I can vaguely amuse you with my little blog and bring you some match reports and various other bits of info, maybe you might even like to trip along to Sport Central and see a game. The Eagles are a relatively small operation, attracting a couple of thousand very dedicated fans to each game, but the same could be said of Newcastle United back in 1900; I guess my point is this, with enough support perhaps The Eagles could become the next big source of civic pride in the regional capital……after Newcastle United of course!




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