The Ashley Out campaign is completely and totally independent of this fanzine. However itashley2 is one supported 100% by true faith.

We will do our bit in every way we possibly can to help rid our club of Ashley’s malign influence upon it. This might be the last shot many of us give it before we don’t just give it all up and find something less utterly dis-spiriting to do with our time.

We might not succeed but frankly with thousands of lifelong fans chucking season tickets the club is already dying a slow lingering death.

I’ll not repeat the arguments in opposition to Ashley – they are many and have have been repeated often enough.

One of the ways we hope to support the Ashley Out campaign is financially. We’ll be making our own donations that hope to pay for materials – banners, leaflets and whatever the organisers need.

The bigger the donation, all the better.

Obviously some donors will want to remain anonymous and fair play to them.AdvertTF

However, for any business that makes a donation to the Ashley Out campaign, please get in touch and we will happily make the offer of FREE advertising within the digital fanzine, The Special newsletter, Video-blogs, Podcasts and of course on this website.

Just drop us a line on editor@

Thank you.