The piece enclosed from Jim Armitage of The Independent is an otherwise excellent piece Ashley3of coverage concerning Mike Ashley and his best practices with some nods towards Newcastle United FC.


However, what cannot pass without correction is the completely substance free, untruthful allegation in this piece that Newcastle United supporters have abused Mike Ashley on the basis of his Jewish background. A Jewish background he does not possess by the way.


I think many of us have heard, read and indulged in strong criticism of Ashley in the six years since he bought out Shepherd-Hall at United but if anyone has heard anything of an anti-semitic nature it has largely gone unrecorded and unreported.


Ashley has been wrongly thought to have been a Spurs fan (he never has been, he’s Chelsea) and whether then author equates Tottenham with the Jewish faith remains to be seen but on the matter of anti-semitic abuse of Mike Ashley by Newcastle United supporters, that is frankly, complete bollocks and should be withdrawn by Armitage and/or The Independent, unless they are able to supply details. They won’t though. TF_INITIALS_LOGO