Dear Danny Murphy/Jamie O’Hara/Alan Brazil/Simon Jordan et al.

There is nothing more sickening to a Newcastle fan to hear words coming out of the mouth of an expert pundit “What do they expect?”. There has long been a disconnect between pundits and actual fans of Newcastle United, the only ones who actually seem to understand the situation of the club are players who have played for us (excluding Jermaine Jenas) and Jake Humphrey, why is that? I might hear you may ask? They actually listen to fans of the club. The answer is no before the words leave your lips “They want Champions league football and to win the league”. Just no.

Newcastle United has dropped in to no mans land where the disconnect between board (when I say board, Michael James Wallace Ashley) who has never and I repeat never listened to a Newcastle fan in his life. The clear mismanagement of the players from Steve Bruce and the fans who want more than mediocre defensive side who can’t pass the ball forwards and rely on the ‘Hit and Hope’ mentality that drained the life out of the club.

Steve Bruce has managed to get to this far in his managerial career on luck and luck alone, from the moment he stepped in to the door of the club he was warned by arguably our greatest ever player (Alan Shearer) to not take the job, I can’t ever remember any Newcastle fan wanting the appointment in the first place. So what have Newcastle fan actually seen out of the first one and a half seasons at Newcastle?

Since the start of last season, our players have went backwards, Sean Longstaff a prodigy destined to go on to greater things, with a great drive and hunger about him, now looking like a lost puppy in the middle of the field and the defensive assuredness of our stalwart back 5 now every time a team goes forwards looking like there a stack of dominos ready to collapse at any given point.

The most poignant part of watching Newcastle is there lack of forward thinking and I don’t just mean the anticipation of where the football is going to land, I mean actual want and drive to go forwards, we have to sit and watch 90 minutes of every game of Newcastle United sitting 11 players behind the ball, watching team like Leeds Utd and Brighton knock seven bells of shit out of us and it is coming to the point where we as fans are asking ourselves do we even care any more? The way in which Steve Bruce sets the side up with ‘same’ tactics as Rafa Benitez is killing the soul of the club, the identity of the club isn’t to sit back and take a beating, it has and always will be, we take the opposition on (no matter the opponent) and we go for a game. You may argue to us Newcastle fans, well wasn’t it the same under Rafa the prodigal king? No. Rafa Benitez set his side up to always be in with a chance of winning a game, why I may ask? Because he wasn’t supported, he didn’t get the players he wanted, the support in the transfer market and went on a clear mission to get Ashley to back him to make the ambition of the fans in to reality where we could potentially transition from the way we were playing to a New style, did you ever see his Napoli or Liverpool sides playing with a 5 at the back system? The answer is no.


Cut to Steve Bruce, a man who is historically the manager with the worst win percentage in the premier league over a certain amount of games managed (sorry to all you statisticians I can’t remember the exact stat). Given the financial freedom to bring us such stars as Joelinton to the club spending double our club record amount on a Brazilian striker who doesn’t have a first touch (may the only Brazilian football player in the world without a first touch), can’t pass and has a right foot like a bar of toblerone. Spending vast amounts of money compared to the previous incumbents that have taken the job (with odd exception Callum Wilson and Allan Saint Maximin). Has he taken these players forwards? Jamal Lewis an exciting marauding left back from Norwich, who now can’t defend. Emil Krafth a Swedish right back who can’t defend. Jeff Hendrick who I’m sure he’ll tell doesn’t know what the fuck is going on, on the football pitch.

This bring us to the ones that have been a success Callum Wilson a striker who is most dangerous playing off the back of opposing defenders, having to defend and chase down players all the game instead of focusing on what he’s best at. Allan Saint Maximin arguably Newcastle’s most exciting player in a generation and the only tactic to be employed when he plays is more like a school football team, pass it to him and see what happens.

The tactics, boring soulless football is draining the life out of the club, Steve Bruce who himself says he is a fan of the club should do what is best for the all of us, leave with him doing a ‘great job’ as you so painstakingly claim and go and take his managerial prowess to a different club.

Kind Regards

The most bored football fans in the premier league.