We were kindly joined by Dave Black(@CM9798) for a nostalgic look back at one of the greatest and most influential football games of our time.

Dave has a blog and has published a number of books on the phenomenon and he joined us to talk about Championship/Football manager (from a very NUFC perspective) and it’s cultural impact over the years. We relive those summer nights in the 90s huddled round a Windows 95 PC, Shearer’s 97 injury and some of the headline names from over the years – Freddy Adu anyone?

A really interesting chat which I’m sure will bring back memories for anyone who ever played these games.

Dave’s blog is found at CM9798.co.uk

More specifically, if like me (Simon) you have an urge to give this game another whirl – he walks you through how to do this here: cm9798.wordpress.com/how-to-install-cm9798/

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